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  1. Hi, Where is this property located? Property prices vary from one location to another.

    I can help you with current rate per sq ft going in your locality.

  2. Vaidehi

    There are various options that you can consider to sell your apartment. You can either use the online space or go offline.


    a. You can print out some pamphlets and distribute it to the newspaper vendors and stick some of the pamphlets in main areas.

    b. Put an ad in the newspaper or contact the local radio station if possible.

    c. Through mouth to mouth publicity. Ask your friends and friends to spread a word that you are selling your property at the decided rate.


    a. Register online on realty websites for free. All you need to do is fill in the details about your property and post a few pictures. Prospects will start contacting you.

    b. Post ads on social media like Facebook.

  3. I would recommend register on and post the details of your house for free. Also share some pics of the house and share details. Post your property now.

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